Western Australian Sheet Piling Specialists

About Us

With over 75 cumulative years of experience in the construction industry, the staff at Shore Tec Piling have garnered a reputation for professionalism, reliability and effectiveness that cannot be matched.

In operation since 2005, Shore Tec has led the way in piling technology, proving it to be a reliable and financially cost effective method of soil stabilisation. 

Our operations in Perth are lead by Frank van de Ven.

Frank van de Ven - Business Manager - Shore Tec Piling

Frank van de Ven has been leading our piling operations since 2010.  He has a wealth of experience within the shoring industry, and can provide advice on all retention methods for your specific situation.

His background incorporates sheet, soldier, contiguous and screw piling, in addition to cementitious grout injection. This wide knowledge base makes him ideally placed to provide advice on the most appropriate solution for your needs.